Oils,Oils, all kinds of Oils

The past few years the uprising of hair oils in the market has been overwhelming for many, With the rise of the argan oil, marula oil, Marengo oil, coconut oil, rose oil, finding the right one can be quite frustrating. I just wanted to share some of my favorite hair oils currently in the market and proper way of applying it to your hair.

Sebastian Dark Oil

Okay can I just say I wish this was a men's cologne? Literally smells like a Tom Ford fragrance! Dark Oil is a type of product you can use on fine to thick hair and is quite hard to over use because of its light consistency. Apply it to towel dried hair comb through for even saturation and blow dry. Use additional Dark Oil on ends of hair once its dried for additional softness if necessary.

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal

So what separates this version of an argan oil (morrocan oil) from the rest in the market is that it is actually clear in color. Most argan oils out there like Moroccan Oil has a brownish/gold color that some have feared that it discolors their blonde hair. This particular product is great to use as a blowdry oil to smooth and hydrate or an at home hot oil for dry scalp, making it quite versatile.





 Matrix Rose Oil

Matrix Rose Oil well simple enough does smell like a bed of roses. What's great about this particular oil is that its light in molecular structure so it's beneficial on fine hair as a pre shampoo treatment. For those with inflamed scalps, rose oil has natural antinflamatory properties to soothe the scalp.